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Pavillon Lille Europe


Meert, partner of Lille, the 2004 European Capital of Culture and then Lille3000, will be present in Shanghai to shine the spotlight on the cooking of France and the Lille region.

In a French café, with an interior decoration that comes straight from Lille, Nicolas Pourcheresse, the chef of the Meert restaurant, will have a menu combining various small sophisticated dishes from the two finest kitchens in the world, in a friendly and peaceful atmosphere.


In 1761, Delcourt set up a confectionery-chocolate making firm at 27 rue Esquermoise in Lille. Rollez succeeded him in 1773 and was soon acknowledged by all for his famous ice-cream. The patisserie then became an important meeting place for Lille society.

In 1839, Rollez carried out works giving the patisserie the appearance that you will recognise today: a flamboyant style in a decor with an eastern influence created by the architect, Benvignat, supported by Stalars and Huidiez, painter and sculptor respectively. In 1849, Rollez handed over to Mr Meert who became “Suppler to His Majesty the King Leopold 1st” in 1864. Meert handed down the secret of the fabulous waffle filled with vanilla...

In 1911, Meert took part in the Roubaix international exhibition. In 2001, Meert returned to Roubaix and set up the business in the old swimming pool that had been transformed into a Museum of art.

Since 2008, the house at 27 rue Esquermoise has been extended and a restaurant offering the finest food opened in 2005 under the leadership of a young Michelin-star chef, Nicolas Pourcheresse, with a highly demanding and adventurous menu.