6 Oct 2023 14 Jan 2024

Au bout de mes rêves (I will follow my dreams to the end)

Exhibition - Vanhaerents Art Collection

The Tripostal

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Since 2007, lille3000 has presented a number of high-profile contemporary art exhibitions in an exceptional cultural venue: the Tripostal in Lille.

Extending regular invitations to major collections, lille3000 will host the Vanhaerents Art Collection, based in Belgium, for autumn 2023. The exhibition follows in the footsteps of collaborations with the Collection Pinault in 2007 (Passage du Temps), the Saatchi Gallery (La Route de la Soie) in 2009, with the Centre National des Arts Plastiques (Collector) in 2011, gallery-owner Emmanuel Perrotin’s 25th anniversary celebration in 2013 (Happy Birthday, Galerie Perrotin 25 ans), a 2014 exhibition featuring 18 private Flemish collectors (Passions Secrètes, Collections privées flamandes), in 2017, on the 40th anniversary of the Centre Pompidou (Performance !), in 2021 with the Design Museum Gent (Colors, etc.) and most recently with the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain (Les Vivants) as part of 2022’s Utopia.
These exhibitions have brought together some of the biggest names on the international scene alongside emerging artists. They tell us about the guest collectors’ stories and passions, offering an insight into the questions and contestations that the world inspires in them.

The Vanhaerents Art Collection is one of Belgium’s largest private collections of contemporary art. For Walter Vanhaerents, “J’irai au bout de mes rêves” (I will follow my dreams to the end), inspired by the eponymous song released by Jean-Jacques Goldman in 1982, is about accepting risk and ongoing commitment.

Reflecting this collection, Au bout de mes rêves, showcased over the three floors of the Tripostal, is intentionally strong and socially aware, while still conveying a sense of light and wonder during these sombre times.
Where dreams exist, there is hope for change or a new beginning. Here, the dream of a collection compiled with passion over the last 50 years has been achieved.


The Vanhaerents Art Collection is a unique collection of contemporary art, compiled by Walter Vanhaerents and his children, Els and Joost. The origins of the Vanhaerents Art Collection date back to the 1970s, when a young Walter began acquiring his first artworks. Bringing together pieces that were viewed as extremely fierce and radical at the time, he laid the foundations of what is now one of the world’s most prestigious collections.
Though little is known about the size and content of the collection, it reflects the diversity and vitality of current artistic practices. Established and emerging artists are included, with particularly monumental works (painting,drawing, sculpture, installation, photography and video). It features works by American artists exploring the legacy of Andy Warhol (Cindy Sherman, Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, Barbara Kruger, Jenny Holzer, Matt Mullican, James Lee Byars and Allan McCollum), European artists, such as Gilbert & George, Christian Boltanski, Franz West and Thomas Ruff, as well as Belgian artists, including Kris Martin, Wim Delvoye and Francis Alÿs.
Successful blending of high and low art seems to guide the collection, with references as varied as Hitchcock films, McDonald’s, black metal and goth music culture. The Vanhaerents Art Collection is housed in a former sanitary warehouse at the heart of Brussels. Dating back to 1926, the building was renovated by Paul Robbrecht and Bert Haerynck. Keeping a close eye on the contemporary art scene, the collection is continually expanded with a particular focus on young avant-garde artists.