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Futurotextiles 3 & Touring module


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Created in 2006 by lille3000, Futurotextiles is an exhibition which mix science, technology and art to textile. Objects, applications and works of art are inspired by the wildest dreams to invent tomorrow's hopes.


The exhibition is a discovery journey through the world of textile: science and technology are one side of the exhibition, which is also an artistic, playful and poetic journey with pieces by some of the greatest creators of these past few years.


The exhibition thus conceived was a great success at Tripostal in Lille (France) in 2006, in Istanbul (Turkey) in September 2007, and Futurotextiel 08 during Autumn 2008 in Kortrijk (Belgium). A touring module was then created after the 2nd edition, and it started a world tour to show a wide selection of these concrete visions of tomorrow's textile which change the way we see the world, our surroundings and ourselves.


The exhibition and the touring module have been supported by Designregio Kortrijk, Lille Métropole Communauté urbaine, the Nord-Pas de Calais region, CulturesFrance, Interreg IV and CLUBTEX.


IN 2011


Futurotextiles is preparing a brand new touring exhibition, at the forefront of contemporary creation and of the latest technological innovations.


In 2011, a module giving a foretaste of Futurotextiles 3, will be displayed as part of the Futex convention in Marcq-en-Barœul, to start a tour in ACTE network cities (Association des Collectivités Textiles Européennes).


IN 2012


As part of the FANTASTIC theme edition, lille3000 will show all of Futurotextiles 3, on the la Tossée site (2000m2) in Tourcoing (Lille Métropole Communauté Urbaine), on the occasion of the inauguration of CETI (European Centre for Innovative Textiles).





LODZ / 18 April – 20 May 2012

As part of the Fashion Week?Textile Musueum (Poland)

TOURCOING / 09 October 2012 - 13 January 2013
As part of FANTASTIC
CETI (European Centre for Innovative Textile)



LILLE / 14 October 2006 – 14 January 2007

As part of « Bombaysers de Lille »?Tripostal, Lille (France)


ISTANBUL / 4 – 10 September 2007

As part of « Istanbul Design Week »?Galata Brigde, Istanbul (Turkey)


KORTRIJK / 9 October – 7 December 2008

Futurotextiel 08?Hall NMBS, Kortrijk (Belgium)


MARCQ-EN-BARŒUL / 23 – 25 January 2009

As part of « Futex »?Hippodrome de Marcq-en-Barœul (France)


BANGKOK / 30 July – 16 October 2009

Jim Thomsom House, Bangkok (Thailand)


CASABLANCA / 12 November – 12 December 2009

ESITH, Casablanca (Morocco)


JAKARTA / 27 April – 14 May 2010

National Gallery (Grand Palais), Jakarta (Indonesia)


SHANGHAI / 1st May – 15 July 2010

As part of « Pavillon Lille Europe »?Shanghai 2010 World Fair (China)


MARCQ-EN-BAROEUL / 15, 16, 22 and 23 January 2011

As part of the 4th « Futex » convention?Hippodrome de Marcq-en-Barœul (France)


BARCELONA / 15 February - 2 April 2011

Museu Maritim de Barcelona (Spain)


CORDOBA / 3 May - 3 June 2011

Palacio de la Merced, Córdoba (Spain)


PRATO / 30 September - 13 November 2011

Museo del Tessuto, Prato (Italy)

RENAIX / 2 December 2011 - 15 January 2012