Suite aux annonces gouvernementales du 18 mars 2021 et au confinement du département du Nord, l'ouverture des expositions "Colors, etc." Et « Young Colors », initialement prévue le 9 avril 2021, est reportée à une date ultérieure. Nous vous tiendrons au courant dès que possible et espérons bientôt pouvoir vous y retrouver. Prenez soin de vous !

Évenements passés

6 Dec 2003 28 Nov 2004

LILLE 2004


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In 2004, Lille became European Capital of Culture. From the opening celebration on 6th December 2003, which welcomed more than 750 000 visitors, until the closing of the Tripostal, the Lille 2004 venue, on 28 November 2004, Lille 2004 proposed no less than 2,500 events: performances, exhibitions, festivities, metamorphoses...

Throughout the year, the overall project enjoyed the wide participation of local people and was reflected in events of the highest artistic quality. Moreover, these projects took place in 193 cities, towns and villages of the entire Nord-Pas de Calais region and Belgium - a first for a European Capital of Culture.

9 millions visitors, 17 800 Ambassadors of Lille 2004 volunteered to help in the preparation of events, a 30 % increase in tourist visits, 12 maisons Folie, new cultural infrastructures...

After Lille, we will have to wait until 2013 to see another French town become European Capital of Culture : Marseille has been chosen to become the next one.

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