11 Jul 7 Sep 2008

ZHU YI ! (2008)


Tri Postal, Lille

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Following its showing in Vitoria and Barcelona in Spain, lille3000 and the City of Lille is hosting "ZHÙ YÌ, CHINESE CONTEMPORY PHOTOGRAPHY" in The Tri Postal at Lille, in collaboration with Artium Contemporary Art Centre of Vitoria and Palau de La Virreina exposicions of Barcelona.

"ZHÙ YÌ" literally means "attention" in Mandarin. The exhibition explores this theme through the eyes of contemporary artists, revealing their perceptions of their home cities, their interests, their shortcomings, their identity, their dreams...

It invites the viewer to discover today’s China through the interesting and unusual vision of around thirty young Chinese artists, captivated by daily life and by the new lines mapped out for the cities of the future. It bears testimony to the fast social and economical change taking place within their countries.

110 spectacular photographs, taken between 1994 and 2006, evoke the country’s history, its multiple cultural influences, the individual and collective identity within this changing society and the reality of today’s globalisation. To be brought to the public in Lille, during the Beijing Olympic Games 2008.

The photographs in this collection all reflect different concerns. Some convey a hint of melancholy originating in a romantic notion of a mythical past. Others reflect the optimism of these young artists, who are entering a new and prosperous era. The different styles of these artists portray current events in China, a country of which we still have a distorted and incomplete image.

Curator: Susana Iturrioz